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Shia protestors arrested by Delhi Police; Maulana Kalbe Jawad gave court arrest
03/02/2014 01:47:54 Special Correspondent

Lucknow Shia News / Delhi

The Delhi police had detained more than 300 people of Shia community who gathered at India Gate to protest against illegal encroachment on Karbala Shah-e-Mardan here on Sunday evening. Shia Cleric, Maulana Kalbe Jawad reached and gave court arrest to support agitators.

Later the protesters and clerics detained by Delhi Police were released after Cleric created pressure on the authorities. 

In the evening Shias started gathering at India Gate to protest. Before that Delhi police cordoned off the area and was not allowing anyone to gather there. As soon some vehicles arrived near India Gate people thought that Maulana Kalbe Jawad along with other clerics have arrived and people started raising slogans to protest against encroachment on Shah-e-Mardan and other waqf properties situated in Delhi.

Seeing the police started dragging the protestors and clerics who arrived to joined the people. The police dragged many to the buses in order to arrest them. In this barbaric act of local police on peaceful agitators, the turban (Amama) of a cleric fell off which irked the people and they damaged buses.

To deter protestors the police used mild force in which some people were reported to be injured. The Police took many protestors to Tilak marg police station and some to parliamentary street police stations. ‘Maulana Kalbe Jawwad was to join the protestors in the evening as he was in Meerut for attending a religious function. But his vehicle got stuck in the traffic jam due to Modi’s rally in Meerut. That’s why he arrived late in Delhi,’ said sources in Delhi.

As soon Maulana Kalbe Jawad arrived in Delhi, he rushed to parliamentary street police station to get the protestors freed from police. In the meantime, large number of Muslims started gathering outside the police station demanding immediate release of the protesters. After a while, police allowed Mualana Kalbe Jawad and five others to enter police station for talking with the cops regarding the issue.

After the news spread like wildfire in nation's capital, senior police officials rushed to the police station to resolve the issue. Maulana Kalbe Jawad told DCP that if this kind of incidents takes place against a particular community which comprises about 5 crores in India. Massive agitation will be launched throughout the country.

He also said to ACP that for saving the illegal nursery run by Abdul Mueed Khan whole government machinery has jumped in the issue and is regularly defaming the people of Shia community. He strictly demanded immediate removal of the Nursery from the premises of Karbala.

Maulana said if Nursery will not be removed from the premises of Karbala within a couple of days, then the Delhi Police should prepare itself for a huge protest against Congress party in front of Congress Headquarters in Delhi.

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Salaam Yaa Hussain
Posted By: Wasim Mirza Ali Posted Date:Feb 03,2014
Posted By: Kamil Posted Date:Feb 03,2014
Labbaik ya HUSAIN(as)
Posted By: Mohd Mehdi Posted Date:Feb 03,2014
Labbaik Ya Husain a.s
Posted By: Mokarram Posted Date:Feb 03,2014
Posted By: Posted Date:Feb 03,2014
Salam, V r with u brothers, V r ready 4 nationwide protest, Bangalore
Posted By: Syed Hakim Raza Posted Date:Feb 03,2014
Salam ya Hussain a.s
Posted By: Bilawal Baig Posted Date:Feb 06,2014
labaik ya hussain(a.s)
Posted By: sadiq ali Posted Date:Apr 09,2014
lbbaik ya husain
Posted By: kaif abbas Posted Date:Mar 18,2014
Down with congress govt for their unjust and dictator like behavior. See that no shia/sunni votes go for this party in the coming elections.
Posted By: nawab masood jawaid rizvi Posted Date:Apr 09,2014
Down with congress govt for their unjust and dictator like behavior. See that no shia/sunni votes go for this party in the coming elections.
Posted By: nawab masood jawaid rizvi Posted Date:Apr 09,2014
Posted By: Mustafa Posted Date:Apr 10,2014
The arrest is extremely unfortunate. Will immediately move the Congress to release him. Inshallah, things will work out very soon
Posted By: Milind Kher Posted Date:Apr 12,2014